Sheila Geelan

Sensei - 1st Dan

Sensei Sheila Geelan – 1st Dan

Began training in 2015 at 50 years of age. Sensei Sheila’s son learned Karate at school with Renshi Ray and after seeing him compete and noticing other adults taking part she decided to give it ago. Sensei Sheila really enjoys Karate because it helps keep her physically fit, improved her flexibility and helped increase her self confidence.

Her favourite kata is one she learnt after acheiving her Shodan ( 1st Dan ) and is called Jitte ( Ten Hands ). Jitte requires a lot of power to be performed correctly and this comes naturally to Sensei Sheila. The kata feels good for her to perform which is what makes it one of her favourites.

Karate is good for mental health, never think you can’t do it!

Sheila GeelanSensei / 1st Dan