Henry Tonks

Sensei - 2nd Dan

Sensei Henry Tonks – 2nd Dan

Sensi Henry started Karate in March 1972 in Dunstable with the British Karate Association ( BKA ) under Sensei Mick Payne. When the club folded in 1982 Sensei Henry went to SKI and trained under Sensei Asano and Sensei Gary Jones until about 1986. At this time Sensei Jones, Asano and Tonks went to train under Sensei Paul Perry’s newly formed Jin Sei Kai Association ( JSK ) until 1989, but then switched back to Shotokan Karate International ( SKI ). Sensei Henry moved to Blackpool and then joined Shotokan Karate Kanazawa-Ryu International Federation ( SKKIF ) under Renshi Ray Wilkin, where he has remained until the present day.

Sensei Henry’s favourie kata during his formative years was Bassai Dai, due to the strength and explosive power required to perform the kata effectively, as he progressed to 2nd dan, Jion is now his kata of choice, because it requires mastery of the basic stances that make up Shotokan Karate ( Zenkutsu-Dachi, Kokutsu-Dachi and Kiba-Dachi ).

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Henry TonksSensei / 2nd Dan