Chris Wilson

Sensei - 2nd Dan

Sensei Chris Wilson– 2nd Dan

Sensei Chris began his training under a different association during his teenage years where he acheived his 3rd Kyu ( brown belt ). Due to pressures of school exams he decided to pause training to focus on academia. Fast forward 26 years later and the arrival of his two sons, his eldest was enquiring about the Karate trophies his Nana was proudly displaying in her front room. After talking to him about each trophy and a quick demonstration of some basic moves his son decided he too would like to learn. Sensei Chris trained along side his son and re-kindled his love for training.

In November 2022, Sensei Chris took his Shodan ( 1st Dan ) grading in front of Tanaka Sensei in which he passed. He was then given the oppertunity to take his Nidan ( 2nd Dan ) a year later along side Sensei Steve in November 2023.

For Sensei Chris, Karate is a core part of his life. He uses it as a way to keep his fitness levels optimised, minimise stress and to push himself out of his comfort zone to help develop confidence. It is this confidence that spills out into other aspects of life.

His favourite kata is Heian Sandan, as this was the one that Tanaka Sensei asked him to perform for his Shodan. He is also a fan of Enpi as the light and fast movements feel good to perform.

To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy with out fighting is the highest skill. The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants.

Chris WilsonSensei / 2nd Dan