Andy Collins

Sensei - 3rd Dan

Sensei Andy Collins – 3rd Dan

Sensei Andy took his first training session in 1982 whilst he was an apprentice at Duple Coachbuilders. He was introduced to Karate by one his colleagues and started practicing under the Karate Union Great Britain ( KUGB ) Keidokwai Karate Club who trained at Revoe gym Blackpool, under Frank Lomas and John Barnes.Sensei Andy Collins

In 1986 a good friend Paul Darby and Sensei Andy went to Renshi Wilkin’s first training session when he opened his club at St Nicholas Church Hall on Common Edge, Blackpool and has trained under Renshi ever since.

Karate impacts on every aspect of his life, it has given him confidence, structure, discipline and aided in his health and wellbeing. Sensei Andy has made a lot of very good friends over the years. His favourite kata is Sochin because of the fast and slow dynamic movements in the kata, this was also his chosen Kata when he took his Sandan ( 3rd Dan ) examination. He also likes the flowing movements of Enpi and enjoys practicing this kata.

I am never more proud than when I see students train hard and pass their gradings, especially those students that have worked for years to pass their Shodan examination. Another highlight was seeing Renshi pass his 7th Dan

Andy CollinsSensei / 3rd Dan