Max Markham

Sensei - 2nd Dan

Sensei Max Markham – 2nd Dan

In 2012 Sensei Max took his first Karate lesson, he had been interested in Martial arts and his curiosity for Karate led him to Renshi’s Dojo. From his first lesson Sensei Max realised that Karate has a massive impact on his health & fitness levels and helps him maintain discipline & respect. He particulary finds sparring beneficial as it helps to reduce the modern day stresses of life.

My favourite kata is Tekki Nidan because it is a short, concise kata at just 24 movements. I particularly like the way the kata flows and it introduces new techniques, Sokumen soete gedan uchi ude-uke ( low level augmented inside-to-outside block ) and Soete mae empi-uchi ( front elbow strike )

Max MarkhamSensei / 2nd Dan